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How to determine the level of undershoot and overshoot SRAM?

Latest Updated:03/16/2012


What is the tolerance level of undershoot and overshoot for asynchronous SRAM.


Undershoot: VIL min: −3.0V (over 16Mb is -2.0V) for pulse half-width ≤ 30 ns.
Overshoot: Overshoot is not specified, but the following absolute maximum rating for VIH level should be obeyed.
VIH max: Vcc+0.3V (Maximum voltage: 3V part is 4.6V/5V part is 7V).
Suitable Products
Power MOSFETs for General Switching
Power MOSFETs for Automobile use
Small Signal Switching use MOSFET(uFET)
Asynchronous SRAM