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When activating at 8MHz will the two cases change of power consumption?

Latest Updated:03/25/2009


When activating at 8MHz, will the following two cases make the difference of power consumption?(1)Set an oscillator at 8MHz to increase PLL by one time.(2)Set an oscillator at 4MHz to increase PLL by two times.


Since the Current consumption is proportional to the operational frequency of whole tip, no significant difference will not be produced by PLL setting.
Suitable Products
SH7144, SH7145
SH7050, SH7051
SH7047, SH7049, SH7105, SH7107, SH7109
SH7046, SH7148, SH7101, SH7048, SH7104, SH7106, SH7108
SH7040, SH7041, SH7042, SH7043, SH7044, SH7045
SH7014, SH7016, SH7017