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Is it possible to transition to programming/erasure when issuing H 40?

Latest Updated:03/21/2012


Is it possible to transition to the "programming/erasure state" when issuing "H'40 programming/erasure state transition" without issuing a selection command on the "inquiry or selection state"?


Transition to the "programming/erasure state" without issuing selection commands is not possible.
Follow the next procedure: from the host, device selection (H'10)® clock mode selection (H'11)® new bit rate selection (H'3F). Executing these commands are requirements.
The execution of the commands are monitored, therefore skipping execution of the commands will result in an error in processing.
Suitable Products
SH7285, SH7286
SH7214, SH7216
SH7239, SH7237
SH7146, SH7149
SH7131, SH7132, SH7136, SH7137
SH7083, SH7084, SH7085, SH7086