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Why does an interrupt not generated when I set MRB.DISEL in the DTC to 1?

Latest Updated:08/30/2011


I set MRB.DISEL in the DTC to 1 and operated the DTC, but the second and subsequent interrupts do not perform DTC transfer.


When MRB.DISEL in the DTC is 1, the ISELRn.ISEL[1:0] bits are automatically updated to 00b after the completion of each data transfer, regardless of the DTC transfer counter. At this time, an interrupt request is output to the CPU.
The ISELRn.ISEL[1:0] bits need to be set to 01b again in order to perform second and subsequent DTC transfers.

For details, please refer to Selecting Interrupt Request Destinations in the Operation section of the Interrupt Control Unit (ICU) chapter of the hardware manual.

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