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Features and Benefits of RL78/G1D Beacon Stack

Last Updated:09/20/2017


What is a beacon stack and what are the benefits of using it?


The beacon stack is a protocol stack specialized for low power consumption of beacon products. The beacon stack can reduce the current consumption during beacon packet transmission by approximately 40 percent compared with our standard protocol stack (Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack). Beacon products can extend battery operating time by using this feature. In addition, it is possible to add optional functions such as Beacon Data Update Function to the product by using it together with the standard protocol stack.
Please refer to the following documents and sample programs for details:

・ Information about beacon stack specification, function, API.
 RL78/G1D Beacon Stack User's Manual (R01UW0171)

・ Sample program to execute the basic operation of beacon.
 RL78/G1D Beacon Stack Basic Operation Sample Program (R01AN3045)

・ Sample program to execute beacon transmission and optional functions using the beacon stack and standard stack together.
 RL78/G1D Beacon Stack Connecting and Updating Beacon Data Sample Program (R01AN3313)

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