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To enable the use of toolchains in e² studio

Last Updated:06/14/2017


I have installed a toolchain (compiler product) to use in e² studio, but the build failed.

How can I enable a toolchain?


The first thing you need to do is performing "Toolchain integration" to drive toolchains.
By using integration, e² studio can know the location of toolchain resources, such as build commands, standard headers, libraries, etc.
To integrate toolchains, do the following:

Step 1. Open "Renesas Toolchain Management" view

Press the [Integrate non-integrated toolchains] button on the toolbar, or visit "Help" -> "Add Renesas Toolchains" menu.

Step 2. Check desired toolchain(s).

Check desired toolchain(s) on e² studio as above.
If the desired product(s) are not listed, press the [Add] button, and then specify the install location.

Each toolchain is installed in one of the following folders by default.
When you integrate a toolchain, you need to specify the folder hierarchy.

CS+ toolchains are typically found at these locations:

  C:/Program Files/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CC/CC-RX/(version number)/
  C:/Program Files/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CC/CC-RL/(version number)/


"Renesas GCC for RX" and "Renesas GCC for RL78" are typically found at:

  C:/Program Files/GCC for Renesas RX (version number)-GNURX-ELF/rx-elf/rx-elf/
  C:/Program Files/GCC for Renesas RL78 (version number)-GNURL78-ELF/rl78-elf/rl78-elf/

GNU ARM Embedded is typically found at:

  C:/Program Files/GNU Tools ARM Embedded/(version number)/

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