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Suggestions to improve e² studio performance

Latest Updated:12/05/2016


How can I improve e² studio performance on my machine?


 We suggest taking the following steps to improve e² studio performance:

Step 1: Close unnecessary projects
  e² studio monitors all open projects checking for events such as for file updates.
  e² studio may slow down if there are too many open projects, or too many files contained within the projects.
  Please close unnecessary projects by taking the following actions:

  In Project Explorer view, select unnecessary project(s) one at a time then go to the menu bar: "Project" -> "Close Project".
  Close all unnecessary projects at once by using context menu "Close Unrelated Projects" of Project Explorer.

Step 2: Close unnecessary windows.
  Even hidden behind other tabs, windows may continue gathering data in preparation to display them.
  The IO register windows and Memory view in particular gather large amount of data and that may reduce performance.
  Please close unnecessary windows by clicking X button at the upper-right corner of each window.
  Windows may be restore later by visiting the menu bar: "Window" -> "Show View".

Step 3: Close Help views and Help content search page.
  Content search may slow down refreshing windows.

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