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Meaning of outlined font icons for source files(e² studio)

Last Updated:08/09/2017


In e² studio project, why some source file icons have outlined font, while others do not?


Regular font icons, such as ".C" and ".H", indicate files which are recognized as build target source code or headers located in the include path of a project.

Conversely, files shown as outlined font icons are excluded from build target, or out of the include path.

For example, if only the files in the /src folder of a project are specified as build targets, the icons of files outside the /src folder have outlined font. Therefore, they are recognized as being excluded from the build target.

By moving source files into /src, the icon will change to normal, and then be accepted as build target.

If you wish to configure a build target folder, refer to the following FAQ page.

Why source file cannot be found in <project folder>/src,?

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