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Link failure on CC-RL project with automatic section allocation option selected

Last Updated:2/14/2017


How do I resolve a link error while building the project for CC-RL within e2 studio while the automatic section allocation option has been specified
(i.e. enabled -AUTO_SECTION_LAYOUT linker option).


Explicitly specifying the allocation address of sections takes priority over the automatic section allocation option. Therefore, when the AUTO_SECTION_LAYOUT option has been specified, the automatic allocation cannot be made in the linker, resulting in the error.

Cancel the manual section allocation specification following the procedure below so the automatic section allocation section tool can function.


Step1.Open the property dialog of the project.
          Click on the project name in the Project Explorer view to activate the project.
          Then press the [e2] button in the toolbar, or select "Renesas Tool Settings" in the "Project" menu.
Step2.Select "Linker", and then "Section" dialog.
Step3.Uncheck the "Layout sections automatically", then press [Apply].
Step4.Check the "Layout sections automatically", then press [Apply].
Step5.Build the project.

Suitable Products
e² studio