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Importing GNUARM-NONE-EABI project to e² studio V6.x

Last Updated:11/08/2017


How do I import a GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain project to e² studio V6.0 or later?


The GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain projects cannot be imported to e² studio V6.0 and later.

Therefore, you need to convert the project into a GCC ARM Embedded toolchain project using e² studio V5.3 or V5.4.

Refer to the following FAQ for how to convert.

   Converting GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain project into GCC ARM Embedded _e² studio

GCC ARM Embedded toolchain projects can be imported as "Existing project" to the e² studio V6.0 (or later) workspace.

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