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How to migrate from HEW to e² studio_RX family

Last Updated:09/06/2017


How do I migrate a project of the RX family from High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW, hereafter) to e² studio?


You can use the import feature of a HEW project to import the project to e² studio.
When you import a project, an e² studio project work file is created in the folder containing the HEW project.

Therefore, we recommend that you back up the content of the HEW project folder before executing the import.
Please refer to this page for how to import HEW project into e² studio.

A HEW project of version V4.07 or earlier cannot be imported to e² studio. However, you can import it to e² studio after loading it to the latest HEW.

Please note that HEW and e² studio have different applicable versions of C/C++ compiler package for the RX family (CC-RX, hereafter).
While HEW only supports CC-RX 1.x, e² studio supports V2 and later. CC-RX V2.x must be installed to import a HEW project to e² studio and use it. When a HEW project is imported to e² studio, it is automatically converted to a V2 project. However, not all options may be inherited as intended, so check the settings after the import.

Suitable Products
e² studio
High-performance Embedded Workshop