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Build errors in converted RZ project for GNU ARM Embedded toolchain_e² studio

Last Updated:09/06/2017


I have converted a GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain project into a GNU ARM Embedded toolchain project, but it failed to build.
How do I solve the following problems?
- Undefined sections
    A warning "Imported project does not contain the linker script" appeared during the conversion, then the error message "undefined reference to 'section name' " appears at project build.
- Assembler errors about preprocessor expressions such as #define
    The error message "undefined reference to 'symbol name'" appears for #define(d) symbols.


The following workarounds may solve problems.

[Undefined section name]
  In a GNUARM-NONE-EABI project, linker script (*.ld file) is automatically generated.
  Try building the original project, then convert it and build again.

[Undefined symbols in assembly source]
  Pre-processor should be enabled if asm files have pre-processor expressions.
  Open the project property dialog and put a checkmark in the "Use preprocessor" checkbox of "Cross ARM GNU Assembler" -> "Preprocessor" in "Tool Settings" tab.

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