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Convenient functions of the CS+ Integrated Development Environment

Last Updated:10/18/2017


I am using the CS+ for CC Integrated Development Environment. Are there any convenient functions?


Use the Solution List panel for the CS+ for CC Integrated Development Environment.
You might encounter various issues when developing a program. CS+ for CC offers solutions for various issues.
The Solution List panel provides easy access to each solution.

For how to start these functions, select [Solution List] in the [View] menu in CS+ for CC.

In addition to these functions, the following convenient functions are also available:

  • Tutorial
    Allows you to experience the CS+ functions.
  • Code generation function
    Automatically generates control programs for microcontroller peripheral functions via GUI settings.
  • Rapid Build
    With Rapid Build, you don’t have to wait for a long time until building is finished.
  • Program analysis tool
    Allows you to check not only information about functions and variables but also behaviors of variables.
  • Action Event
    Allows you to set to record information about variables when executing at addresses specified without building.
  • Python Console
    Allows you to control CS+ easily with scripts or commands.
  • Packed save function
    Allows you to save the developed tools and project environment collectively.

Note: The functions above are available in CS+ for CC V6.00.00.

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)