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“code generator” & “pin configurator” not shown in CS+ Project Tree

Latest Updated:10/21/2016


I created a new project but the “code generator” and “pin configurator” are not displayed in the CS+ Project Tree panel.


If the device selected when the project was created is not supported by the code generator or pin configurator, they are not displayed in the Project Tree panel.

For details on which devices are currently supported by the code generator and pin configurator, refer to the functions supported by CS+ in the CS+ product page.

If the device you selected is supported but the code generator or pin configurator is not displayed, please update your CS+ to the latest version and set the plug-ins according to the following procedures.

Update the CS+ software with the Update Manager or download the latest version from the CS+ download page.


  1. Select [Plug-in Setting] from the [Tool] menu.

  2. After configuring the settings as shown in the figure below, click [OK].

  3. Select [Yes], then CS+ restarts.

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)