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How to use placeholder within the HEW?

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


[High-performance Embedded Workshop V.4, V.3]  How can I use placeholder within the HEW?


A placeholder is a special string, inserted into text, which is replaced at some subsequent time for the actual value.

For example, you can specify an include file directory of a compiler option as follows.

Select from Rerative pass drop-down list and enter sub directory fields as follows.

  • Relative to: High-performance Embedded Workshop installation directory
  • Sub-Directory: test

This specifies as -include="$(HEWDIR)\test". This points a test folder under a folder High-performance Embedded Workshop was installed. C:\(High-performance Embedded Workshop installation folder)\test

Please also refer to the High-performance Embedded Workshop User's Manua attached the productl. If you are using the High-performance Embedded Workshop 3, please see Appendix C: Placeholders in Simulator/Debugger Part of your manual.

Suitable Products
High-performance Embedded Workshop