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Why can't I write in Intel HEX format with M3T-ICC740 to the target MCU?

Latest Updated:06/15/2009


I am using the Flash Development Toolkit but I can't write the Intel HEX format file I created with M3T-ICC740 to the target MCU. What could be the problem?


The Flash Development Toolkit does not support the write operation for Intel HEX format files. We recommend you convert the file to Motorola S record format.

  • V.1.01 Release 02 and newer versions of M3T-ICC740
    The file with the .mot extension generated in the project folder is the Motorola S format. Use this file for the write operation to work around this problem.
  • V.1.01. Release 01 and older versions of M3T-ICC740
    Because the following options are specified in the linker by default, a Hex file (Intel format) as a absolute load module is created.
        -o "$(CONFIGDIR)¥$(PROJECTNAME).hex" -Fintel-standard -Y0
    To create a Motorola S format file, change the above as follows:
        -o "$(CONFIGDIR)¥$(PROJECTNAME).mot" -Fmotorola.
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