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Can the flash programming for M16C MCUs be used for mass-production?

Latest Updated:12/08/2009


Although flash programming for M16C family MCUs is performed in the E8/E8a "Program Flash*1" mode, can this also be used when programming for mass-production, or is there a different method?

*In E8 emulator software V.2.08 and earlier versions, this mode was called the "Writing flash memory" mode. From V.2.09 and later, it is called the "Program Flash" mode.


Due to being designed for the [Program Flash] mode of E8/E8a and simple programming after finishing development, it can operate only programming after erasing all block. Also programming procedure needs a few steps.

We recommend using the Flash Development Tool Kit (FDT) when programming for mass production.

Although the results of programming using the FDT and programming in the "Flash memory programming data programming" mode are the same, the FDT can erase specified blocks, execute the verify command independently, and perform other functions are provided by general programmers. To meet the needs of the mass production process, we have provided convenient features such as programming with the push of a button.

Please remember that our FDT comes in the evaluation version and mass-production. When programming in the production process stage, please purchase the product version of the FDT to benefit from Renesas technical support.

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