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Which values in the data sheet can be used to find mV/°C ?

Last Updated:11/06/2017


The PS2802-4-A is used under the operating conditions of 0 to 60°C.
I think that the VF of the primary side diode is influenced by temperature, but which values in the data sheet can be used to find mV/°C ?


It can be found by "forward current vs. forward voltage" in the characteristic curves in the data sheet.

Using these characteristic curves, first determine the forward current value (IF) to be used. Next, the forward voltage difference is obtained from the intersections of that forward current value and the curves depending on temperature, so that the mV/°C value can be obtained by dividing the forward voltage difference by the temperature difference at that time.

Example: Change in VF caused by temperature fluctuation between 25°C and 60°C when 1 mA is used
(1.02 V - 1.07 V) / (60 °C - 25 °C) = -0.05V/35°C
  = -1.4 mV/°C

The value calculated with the above calculation method should be used only as a reference value.
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