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How to lessen spike noise using MOS FET to perform switching operation?1010683

Latest Updated:09/02/2013


I am using a MOSFET to perform switching operation (0.5-5.0 MHz), and generating a square wave burst. I'd like to reduce the spike noise at the rise and fall of the wave. I'm considering using a product with small (35 ns) td(off). Would this be beneficial in reducing spike noise?


Spike noise (ringing) generally originates in input capacitance. Ringing will be greater if input capacitance (Ciss) is low. Also, generally there is a relationship between Ciss and td(on)/td(off); if Ciss is low, td(on)/td(off) will also be small (fast). Therefore, products with high Ciss are suitable for reducing ringing. Please use a product of suitable Ciss according to your operating frequency.
Suitable Products
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