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Differentiate uPC2933, 2905 and uPC2933A, 2905A, uPC2933B and 2905B?

Latest Updated:12/01/2009


What are the differences among the uPC2933, 2905, and uPC2933A, 2905A, uPC2933B, and 2905B?


The major differences are shown in the table below.
For the other differences and details, refer to the Data Sheet of each product.

Parameter Condition uPC2933/2905 uPC2933A/2905A uPC2933B/2905B Unit
Output voltage(VO)accuracy IO=0.5A ±4 ±3.5 ±2 %
Input voltage (VIN) Maximum rating 20 20 16 V
Quiescent current(IBIAS) IO=0mA,TYP. 2.0/2.2 2.0/2.2 1.8 mA
Output ancillary capacitor   47 47 10 uF
Ripple rejection (R•R) f=120Hz 64/61 64/61 58/57 dB
Suitable Products
Power Management Linear