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What is Power Dissipation Derating (ΔPD/°C or ΔPC/°C)?

Latest Updated:02/01/2008


What is Power Dissipation Derating (ΔPD/°C or ΔPC/°C)?


This is a rate of decrease in Power Dissipation (the light-emitting side PD and the light-receiving side PC) when the ambient temperature rises 1°C.

In the case of the PS2502, the following data is shown as Power Dissipation Derating (of the light-emitting side) in the maximum absolute ratings in the data sheet.

This power dissipation derating of the light-emitting side (ΔPD/°C) is shown as a linear inclination of at least 25°C on the data sheet (characteristic curve).

Power Dissipation Derating of the light-receiving side is also shown on the data sheet.
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Photocouplers / Optocouplers