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What is a window comparator?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


What is a window comparator?


A window comparator has two reference voltages and its output changes (goes H in the following configuration example) if the input signal is within these two reference voltages.

An example of a configuration where single-power comparator with an open-collector type output is used and the operation of the comparator are explained below.

The following table shows how the output signal (VO) changes depending on the input signal (VI).


*: The output of the comparator is an open-collector type, so the comparator output is made high by using an external resistor (R) if the output transistor is off, as shown below.

**: In the above example, the two outputs of the comparators are connected by the wired-OR method. If both outputs of the comparators are high, then VO goes high. If either of the outputs is low, VO goes low.

The relationship between the input signal (VI) and output signal (VO) is as shown below.

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