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What is Collector saturation voltage?

Latest Updated:05/01/2006


Collector saturation voltage


As the transistor's base current increases, a collector current of hFE times as much as the base current flows.
However, no matter how much collector current flows by making the base current large, the voltage between the collector and emitter never becomes zero; a small amount of voltage always remains.
This voltage is known as the collector saturation voltage, VCE (sat).

As the collector saturation voltage (VCE (sat)) becomes larger, some of the power supply voltage is used by VCE (sat) and becomes residual voltage when the transistor is turned on by a switching operation.
In an operation that requires a large amount of power, in particular, this lowers the efficiency and generates heat, so it is better to keep the collector saturation voltage as small as possible.

Information on the collector saturation voltage is also given in the following FAQ.

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