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r_rspi Module Guide Resources

Last Updated:03/12/2018


Where can I find the references to module guide resources for the SPI HAL module on r_rspi?


Information on the module guide itself and the associated resources and known issues are available here.


The RSPI HAL module is a set of SPI communication oriented APIs and is implemented on r_rspi. The RSPI HAL module supports standard SPI master mode communications functions. Callbacks are provided for transfer events.

The RSPI HAL module supports the following features:

  • Initialization of the driver
  • Serial Communication through SPI operation
  • Provides support for callbacks

Module Guide

The RSPI HAL module guide is targeted for SSP 1.2.0 and above and the SK-S7G2 Kit.

The most recent versions of the RSPI HAL module guide application note, application project and import guide are available here.


Module Guide Errata

Section 5: Note removed from RSPI HAL configuration table Operating Mode parameter

Operating Mode

Master, Slave


Default: Master

Configure as a master or slave device.


Module Guide Resources

The following application projects are available from the Renesas web site at the referenced url.

  • Renesas Bluetooth MCU (RL78/G1D) - Application Project here. (r_rspi implementation)

Known issues

  • Refer to the SSP release notes for known issues, available here.
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