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Where can I find the Developer Examples for Synergy kits?

Latest Updated:10/13/2016


Where can I find the Developer Examples for Synergy Kits?


The Developer Examples can be added to a Synergy Project using the Developer Examples Template. For example, when you add a Synergy project for the DK-S7G2 Kit, one of the Templates is the Developer Examples (as shown in the screen capture below). 

The pdf app note describing the Developer Examples is added to the SSP_Documentation folder under your installation directory (for example c:/Renesas/Synergy/SSP_Documentation).

The Developer Examples project shows several SSP Modules and Frameworks (SPI, I2C, Audio, Communications, Console, etc) and uses a Console Terminal menu to acces and exercise the various example functions. This is an excellent project to learn from and to use when creating your own project.

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