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Is the Synergy S128 MCU supported in the SSP 1.2.0 release?

Last Updated:05/02/2017


Is the S128 supported in the SSP 1.2.0 release? I don't see it in the SSP 1.2.0 release notes, but I can bring it up in SSP 1.2.0.


The Synergy S128 MCU was not officially released in 1.2.0, however 1.2.0 does include partial support for the S128 MCU (including the BSP for ADK-S128, a test version of the DK-S128) that has gone through developer testing, but has not been fully verified by our Quality Analysis (QA) process. The DK-S128 will be available, along with it’s BSP, in a forthcoming SSP release expected by the end of June. Customers can use the S128 MCU support in 1.2.0 for development, but should not use it for production.
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S128 in SSP 1.2.0