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How to obtain all the development tools needed to work with the Renesas Synergy Platform

Last Updated:10/19/2017


After completing this how-to you will have logged into the Renesas Synergy Gallery where you can download the software components you need to develop with the Synergy Platform. The following steps will walk you through this simple process. 

Navigate to the Synergy Gallery and Create a Log In

  • Navigate to the Synergy Gallery page located at The Synergy Gallery contains all the tools and modules that are available for the Synergy Platform.
  • First time Synergy Gallery users will need to create a login using the using the ‘Sign Up Now’ links at the bottom or top right corner of the page as shown in Figure 1. Click ‘Sign Up Now’ and fill in the sign-up form. When the form is completed click the submit button.
Figure 1 – Renesas Synergy Gallery Sign-up and Login

Sign In to the Synergy Gallery

  • After submitting the registration form, you will be brought back to the main Gallery page and can now sign into the account by clicking the login button as shown in Figure 2. It is a good idea to bookmark this page so that you can easily return to it when software updates and new modules are released.
Figure 2 – Renesas Synergy Gallery Sign In
  • Now that you have access to the Synergy Gallery, you can begin downloading the software that you will need to develop on the Synergy Platform. Click on this link to go directly to the How to article describing this task. Link.
Additional Resources

You can find additional resources that help with creating Synergy Gallery accounts, managing licenses and other administrative related gallery tasks. Click on this link to find the gallery-related articles on the Knowledge Base. Link.