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How do I reduce the gap between back to back UART receptions in SSP 1.0.0 using the RS_SCI UART implementation?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


I'm finding the gap between back to back UART receptions to be too long when implemented with the R_SCI in SSP 1.1.0 even with the DTC. How can I fix this?


This error may be related to a configuration issue within SSP in release 1.0.0 that has been fixed in later releases. The below description and attached file may help solve this problem.

There is a known issue with the configuration file for r_sci_uart in version 1.0.0. This error is fixed in the 1.1.0-alpha.1 release, but a backward compatible version for SSP v1.0.0 is available as an attachment at the bottom of this article. To use it, please open the project folder on the file system, and replace Renesas##HAL Drivers##all##r_sci_uart####1.0.0.xml with the attached version. This will fix the compiler error and another related bug in the configuration for the UART in version 1.0.0.

Note that with the DTC, you do not need to set any DTC interrupts. When the DTC transfer is complete, a UART interrupt is called and the user callback is called from there. All DTC configurations and interrupt processing are transparent to the user.

Hopefully the above XML update will resolve this issue, but if you still see any problems after updating the XML file, please double check your configurations by comparing them with the example project attached. This example project performs multiple reads at a 115200 baud without missing data. This is a loop-back example for the DK-S7G2 board. If you have a DK-S7G2, you can run the example by connecting A to Y in terminal block 112.