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How do I obtain license files for additional users for my company?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


How do I obtain additional licenses once I have registered my company and new users what their licenses?


To obtain additional licenses, your additional users should register on the Synergy Gallery independently. Follow the below steps:

1) After other users have registered, you can go to the Gallery Account Settings by clicking your name at the top of the Gallery window.

2) You should then select "Company" on the left-hand side and then click "company users" text just to the right of it.

3) On this tab, you should be presented with an "Add Users" button that will create a popup prompting you to enter the email address of the additional users.

4) If they're already registered on the Gallery the request should be successful and they will be added to your company.

5) You can later promote them to super-user, if necessary, allowing them to create new Production/Development license requests (although you only need one license per company).

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