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How can I quickly get up to speed on GUIX with SSP?

Last Updated:12/08/2017


How can I quickly come up to speed on GUIX with SSP? Is there a good way to get started?


GUIX is a fairly complex program to master and it is probably best to do it in a hands-on manner. Here are some suggested Getting Started steps:

1) Install e2 studio and SSP. Purchase the Synergy Kit that best represents your application requirements- paying particular attention to the user interface requirements.

2) Get an GUIX apps running on your kit. You can find GUIX example projects here under the Sample Program tab:   

3) Read the GUIX Functional Overview Chapter in the GUIX Users Manual available on the Synergy Gallery in the X-Ware Components zip file here:

4) Pay particular attention to the Execution overview section and the GUIX components section for the GUIX elements you are most interested in.

5) Use one of the GUIX examples from Step 2 as a starting point and add one or two elements.

6) Use the GUIX example in chapter 5 of the User Guide to learn more of the details for a new GUIX element. Go to step 5 and repeat till you are comfortable doing designs on your own.

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