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What to do when error message appears when building a project?

Latest Updated:11/25/2014


I am using the CA78K0R compiler for RL78 and 78K0R products or the CA78K0 for 78K0 products, and the following error message appears when I build a project. What, if anything, should I do about it?

F3104: 'xxxxx\LIB78K0\cl0.lib(Module Name:@RTARG0)' Different processor type from first input file 'yyyyy.rel'


The above error message is output because different MCU types are specified in 'xxxxx\LIB78K0\cl0.lib' and 'yyyyy.rel'.
This will be for one of the following three reasons.

  1. Attempting to link an object for which the source code has not been registered
    If you attempt direct linking of an object created in another project, it may have been created for a different type of MCU. Recompile or assemble the object for the same MCU type.
  2. Updating of the standard library by a bat file
    If the standard library has been updated by a bat file, change the MCU type in the bat file to the same type as the target for the project, then re-execute the bat file.
  3. The common specification [-common] for the object
    Check whether the object has been specified as common [-common] in the compiler and assembler options.
    Do not specify an object as common [-common] in a project for a normal application that leads to the creation of an lmf file. Although specifying this option classifies the MCU type as "common", attempted linkage when all modules are set as common may lead to output of the above error message.
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