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What is the cause of PG-FP5 flash programmer error message display?

Latest Updated:11/21/2014


The software reports the following error when I use the PG-FP5 flash programmer. What do I need to consider as possible reasons?

I2208   Information defined in initial file is not enough or it is not matched with FlashProgrammer. Setup parameter is needed.


This error indicates that the setting file (ESF file) saved in the PG-FP5 does not match information stored in the programming GUI (INI file).

When you start the programming GUI for the first time, this error will be inevitable. In other situations, consider the following potential reasons.

  • Clearing of areas for which programming was enabled
  • Corruption of data in the setting file
  • The PG-FP5 is connected to a PC other than the one on which the setting file is stored.

If this error occurs, click on the [OK] button on the error dialog box to select or re-create a correct setting file by using the [Device Setup] dialog box.

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