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Is setting on-chip security protect data vital against third person?

Latest Updated:04/23/2014


Is setting an on-chip debug security ID to protect data which has been written to the code flash memory by the flash programming tools listed below effective in protecting against reprogramming by a third person?

  • Renesas Flash Programmer
  • PG-FP5


No, it isn’t.
The on-chip debug security ID is only effective in on-chip debugging.
To prohibit reprogramming in the flash memory programming mode, you will need to use the security functions to make security settings such as for write protection or block erasure protection.

For more information on the security functions, refer to User’s Manual: Hardware for the target device. For how to make security settings, refer to the user’s manual of the flash programming tool you are using.

  • Click here for the user’s manual of the Renesas Flash Programmer.
  • Click here for the user’s manual of the PG-FP5.
Suitable Products
Renesas Flash Programmer