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How to find my target MCU type code in MCU list for H8/SLP series?

Latest Updated:09/04/2009


For H8/SLP series, I could not find my target MCU type code in the MCU list ?


On IO Wizard, the peripheral settings display for H8/38347 group is designed based on product number. Corresponding to the peripheral settings supported on IO Wizard, only product number for MCU devices is listed for user selection.

For H8/SLP series :

  1. H8/38347 group - Available product numbers are H8/38342, H8/38343, H8/38344, H8/38345, H8/38346 and H8/38347.
  2. H8/38347 group - Each product number has options for Mask ROM versions, F-ZTAT versions, Type Code, Mark Code and Package(Package Code).
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