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How to compile code with Multi-byte Language in CC-RX Compiler?

Latest Updated:04/03/2014


How to compile source code with Multi-byte Language comments in CC-RX Compiler?


CC-RX compiler have capability to compile UTF-8 encoded source cords with "-utf8" AND "lang=C99" option.
To reach these settings open project Properties and go to :
"C/C++ Build" -> "Settings" -> "Compiler" -> "Source" -> "Source file"
Then choose "C99" for C Language, "UTF-8" for "Input character code" settings.

See e² studio Help : "e² studio CCRX Build plugin help" -> "Renesas Tool Settings" -> "Compiler Option Help" for further information.

Note 1:
To generate multi-byte string constants (not comments) in object code, refer to "Output character code" option at "C/C++ Build" -> "Compiler" -> "Object".

Note 2:
This FAQ is subjected to be applied to Multi-byte OS environment.

Suitable Products
e² studio
C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family