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How reliable is the mask data secured for floppy disk-based mask ROM?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


How is the reliability of the mask data secured for a floppy disk-based mask ROM order? When I choose the EPROM-based mask order, I have to prepare 3 sets of EPROMs. But, when I choose the floppy disk-based mask order, I just need to prepare one data file.


Mask Data Reception Department can confirm the floppy disk data reliability for the mask ordering procedure with a single data file based on the following reasons:
- The mask file can be identified by matching the file name of the mask file in the floppy disk with the name specified on the Mask ROM confirmation form.
- The mask file includes not only the MCU binary data but also the mask generation configuration data, which allows us to confirm the configuration with the Mask ROM confirmation form.
In the EPROM-based mask order, the data we get from the EPROM is user binary data and its check-sum. It is possible to generate the same check-sum code from two or more different binary data. Therefore, multiple EPROMed binary data must be prepared to examine whether those binary files contain the same data.
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