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How can I be sure that mask files have been correctly generated?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


When mask files are generated from two programs that contain just one differing table data, the file codes for both mask files are the same. How can I be sure that the mask files have been correctly generated?


A unique file code is not necessarily generated for each mask file. The file code should be considered as just one piece of data for confirming the integrity of the mask file and the mask ROM confirmation form during the mask processing operation.
The file code is derived from the addition of all data recorded in the mask file, in 1-byte units of unsigned 32-bit length. In addition, a check sum is added to each data that is set in the mask file. Therefore, if a part of the contents of the set data differs, the value of the check sum for the differing data will also differ. Yet the file code itself may not indicate this difference in the contents of the set data.
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