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Does the SH/Tiny Series support the AUD (Advanced User Debugger)?

Latest Updated:06/28/2011


Does the SH/Tiny Series(SH7124/SH7125) support the AUD(Advanced User Debugger)?


The SH/Tiny Series(SH7124/SH7125) does not include the AUD function on the chip.
The followings are recommended to AUD debug on the SH/Tiny Series(SH7124/SH7125).

1. Using the E10A-USB(SH0005KCU02H with AUD function) and MCU board.
For information on the debug MCU board, refer to “Debug MCU Board for SuperH Family”.

2. Using the E200F Emulator and the Eva Chip Unit.
For information on the E200F Emulator, refer to the page E200F.
Suitable Products
SH7124, SH7125