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Write a program in the flash memory of RX MCU under RI600V4 or RI600PX.

Latest Updated:07/14/2015


How do I write a program to the flash memory of an RX MCU from an application running under the RI600V4 or RI600PX operating system?


Use the “Simple Flash API” to rewrite RX MCU flash memory from within a program. This is not restricted to applications running under the RI600V4 or RI600PX. You can download the API from the following URL.

The information at the above URL includes a description of the API and a sample program. Use the API in programs with the guidance in the description. The HEW IDE is used as an example in the description, but you can handle the procedure in a similar way if you are using CS+.

Suitable Products
RI600V4 Real-time OS for RX Family
RI600PX Real-time OS for RX Family