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Why does value of Sum data differ on expected value in microcontroller?

Latest Updated:06/24/2013


I am debugging a microcontroller with on-chip flash memory using the E10A-USB emulator.
Why does the value of Sum data displayed at program download differ from the expected value?


Is the [Writing Flash memory] mode selected in the [Select Emulator mode] dialog box?

If the [E10A-USB Emulator] mode is selected, the debug information (software breakpoint setting, ID code, etc.) being written simultaneously with the program may be causing a value different from the expected value to be displayed.

If the [Writing Flash memory] mode is selected, the debug information is not written.

Note that when using a microcontroller that does not support the [Writing Flash memory] mode, use the E8a emulator and Flash Development Toolkit to write a program to flash memory.

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