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Why does an error occur when I completed the set up of E10A-USB?

Latest Updated:05/14/2007


After purchasing the E10A-USB License Tool, I selected "License tool for E10A-USB emulator" from the Windows program menu and completed the targeted device group setup, but when I start up the E10A-USB, I get the following message: "firmware is incorrect."


This message indicates that the version of E10A-USB firmware you set up does not match the version of the firmware for the emulator software already installed in your computer. Most likely, the firmware set up from the "License tool for E10A-USB emulator" is older than the firmware version of the emulator software installed in your computer.

Instead of setting up from your "License tool for E10A-USB emulator", try selecting the target device group from the "Setup tool for E10A-USB Emulator" and then executing the setup process. Click here for the setup process.

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