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Why do error occur after software breaks during debug in on chip memory?

Latest Updated:07/17/2008


When I execute a program, which uses DMA transfer, after setting software breaks during debug in the on-chip Flash memory area, the following error is displayed and the emulator will not operate. (SH Family, H8SX Family, H8S Family: on-chip Flash MCU)

Error message: Communication timeout error


A software break occurs when the memory is programmed (replaced with a break command).
During a memory write/erase event, when the CPU enables the bus for a DMA transfer, the MCU goes to the error protect state and the write/erase event in progress is terminated. Therefore, when using DMA transfers use a hardware break that does not program the memory.

For more details concerning the error protect state, refer to the chapter describing the Flash memory in the target MCU hardware manual.

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