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What should I select from the list offered for setting Debug in HEW menu?

Latest Updated:05/24/2007


When I select [Debug] in the High-performance Embedded Workshop menu, what should I select from the list that is offered for setting the [Target] in the [Debug Setup] dialog.


The "xxxE10A-USB SYSTEM" you select in the [Target] tab will differ according to the target MCU.
If you select the wrong item, the target MCU will not show up in the [CPU Select] pull down menu in the [CPU Select] dialog box displayed at the time the emulator is connected.

Please refer to "MPUs and MCUs supported by the E10A-USB Emulator (esupportdevice.pdf)" and select your specific "xxxE10A-USB SYSTEM".
The "esupportdevice.pdf" is included in the "Manuals/English/E10A-USB_common" folder on the E10A-USB Emulator Software CD-ROM. 
The manual is also bundled with the latest software version that can be downloaded from our webpage.

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