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Use of old compiler packages in E8a_E8_E7

Last Updated:10/18/2017


Can I use old compiler packages in the E8a, E8 or E7 emulator?


In use of the microcomputer for H8 family, the data form which be downloaded by E8a, E8 or E7 emulator has the four following kinds.

  • ELF/DWARF2(.abs with debug information)
  • S-Record (.mot Motorola format)
  • Binary
  • Intel Hex

In order to debug with a source code, it is necessary to download a program in the form of ELF/DWARF2. In this case, please use Ver4.0 (C / C++ compiler Ver4.0 or later, Hew1.2 or later) or later of the compiler package for H8 family.

If you would like to use compiler version 4.0 or prior, since a file with debugging information (.abs) is SYSROF form, it cannot be downloaded by E8a, E8 or E7 emulator. Please specify the file format as S-Record, Binary, or Intel Hex form, and then download it.

How to output S-Record, Binary, and Intel Hex form

Please specify the following in the output file format of linkage editor.

  • S-type via absolute
  • HEX via absolute
  • Binary via absolute

Please refer to E7-f1 about the installation method in the case of using Ver4.0 or later version.

Suitable Products

C/C++ Compiler Package for H8SX, H8S, H8 Family