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Use of UART1 function of R8C/1x Series and R8C/2x Series MCUs when debugging with E8 or E8a

Last Updated:10/18/2017


Is using the UART1 function of the R8C/1x Series and R8C/2x Series MCUs not possible when debugging with the E8 or E8a emulator?


The R8C/1x Series (*) and R8C/2x Series MCUs in the R8C family uses the UART1 function to communicate with the emulator during debugging.

Therefore, the UART1 function cannot be used regardless of whether it is during user program execution or halt by a break function. 

*: The R8C/14, /15, /16, /17 group MCUs do not have the UART1 function.

Note however that the UART1 function can be used in the R8C/3x Series, R8C/Lx Series, and R8C/Mx Series MCUs even when the E8a emulator is being used.

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