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Is "license tool for device group" available only to E10A-USB emulator

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


Is one "license tool for device group" (a tool to install an additional device group) available only for one E10A-USB emulator?


Yes, it is. The license tool for device group is available for only one E10A-USB emulator. So if you want to install an additional device group on the several E10A-USB emulator, you need the license tool as many numbers as the E10A-USB emulator that you want to use the license tool for. A seal printed device group names on (such as "SH-4" and "H8S".) comes with a license tool for device group. Please put it on the backside of E10A-USB main unit as shown below when it is used. Moreover, when the emulator software bandled with E10A-USB emulator is installed, cross a box of the installed device group on the backside sticker of E10A-USB main unit.

In case that a device group crossed on the list and a sealed device group are different from which are actually installed on the E10A-USB emulator, the product may be not under warranty.


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