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I connect E8a to a PC. An error message is displayed when pressing [OK]

Latest Updated:03/03/2010


I connect the E8a to a PC. The message “Driver Error: No available communication devices found. Unable to set default configuration for Renesas E-Series USB Driver “ is displayed when pressing [OK] after specified MCU group and device at the emulator setting dialog box.


The following error is displayed because the setting of the emulator debugger on a workspace is not E8a but E8.

The title “E8R8C” in message window differs by device.

The emulator debugger of the E8a is different from that of the E8, so select [Debug] -> [Debug Settings] from the High-performance Embedded Workshop menu, and open the [Target] tab in the [Debug Settings] dialog box, and change the setting of [Target] to [XXX E8a SYSTEM]* .

If the E8a emulator debugger according to the MCU used in your systems is not installed, [XXX E8a SYSTEM] in the pull-down menu of [Target] is not displayed, so please download and install the E8a emulator debugger according to the MCU used in your systems.

Note: Please refer to here about switchover from E8 to E8a.

* [XXX E8a SYSTEM] is displayed depending on the MCU used in your systems.

R8C family: R8C E8a SYSTEM
M16C series: M16C E8a SYSTEM
M32C series: M32C E8a SYSTEM and so on.

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