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How download the user program with the E10A-USB emulator?

Latest Updated:07/17/2008


I can't download the user program with the E10A-USB emulator.


Programs cannot be downloaded when "Download debug information only" is selected in the download module dialog box. Make sure that this item is not selected (not checked).

In addition, if the targeted download area is in the RAM:

  1. The memory state may be prohibiting normal access. Check the wiring of the target board memory and the bus controller settings. If the memory is SDRAM, the SDRAM needs to be initialized before downloading. Check to make sure normal read/write is enabled in the memory window before downloading the program.
  2. If "Reset CPU after download module" is selected in the "Options" tab for "Debug Settings" in the "Debug" menu, the CPU reset command will be executed after the program is downloaded. This will clear all the bus controller settings after the download, and access to the RAM will be blocked. Before downloading your program, make sure "Reset CPU after download module" is not selected.
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