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Error message-Error reading firmware file_E10A-USB

Last Updated:09/272017


When using E10A-USB to debug a system mounting an H8S or H8SX family MCU, if the external flash memory download function is enabled, the following message is displayed and the emulator won’t start up. 
“Error reading firmware file.”
If the external flash download function is disabled, the E10-USB starts up with no problem.


This message is displayed when the address set as the [Module top address] in the external flash memory setup dialog box is not in the same area as the write/erase module download address set in the same dialog box. Reset the module top address so that it is in the write/erase module file download area.

Confirm the download address for the write/erase module file as follows:

Start up the HEW and download the write/erase module (FMTOOL.MOT)
Select Display → CPU → Status in the menu to open the status window.
The content in the Memory Loaded Area (of the memory tab) is the download address for the write/erase module.

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