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E10A-USB: error message appear, user system emulator unconnected

Latest Updated:12/04/2012


When I start up the E10A-USB, I get one of the following messages and the emulator does not connect to the user system.

“MCU ID code error”, “Invalid CPU” or “Failed to identify the MCU”


The above messages are displayed the selected device name when starting up the emulator and the actual device mounted on the target board do not match. Please confirm the device name mounted on the target board and select the corresponding device name.

Please note.
This may happen when similar device names exist.
You can see the target system corresponding to a device name in the Target system list on the E10A-USB page.

When the actual device is R5F61664N50FPV:
Right:   Target system is  "H8SX/1653F E10A-USB SYSTEM" -> Device name is "H8SX/1664F"
Wrong: Target system is "H8SX/1668RF E10A-USB SYSTEM" -> Device name is "H8SX/1664RF"

If any of the above messages are displayed even when the correct device name is selected, please refer to the following FAQ:

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